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          Digital Systems Co.    
      has the pleasure to present to you its new product Tourinfo - http://www.digsys.bg/tourinfo
          This Tourist Information and Reservation Systemcan be used by tourists, travel agents and owners of hotels, restaurants, bars, etc. It helps the users to get information about where to stay, where to eat, what to see and where to go in order to explore Bulgaria to the most. The Tourist Information and Reservation System consists of three parts: information, reservation and an administrative part. The system is supported in four languages: Bulgarian, English, German and Russian.

          The information part    
      contains interesting facts about Bulgaria, general characteristics and tourist attractions of the city, town or region in which a given tourist object is situated. It offers full description of the chosen resort, hotel, restaurant or bar. By means of different navigation methods the users can quickly, easily and successfully find the tourist objects included in the system.

          The reservation part    
      of the system enables the user to reserve a place in a hotel, restaurant, bar. The reservation is done the best and the easiest way - on-line - via the Internet. The reservation is accompanied with detailed information about the type and the category of the selected object, the conditions offered, the period of stay and the price. The reservation can be made as demo, whenever the user wants to check the matching of the requested reservation with the availability of places at that time. As soon as you make a successful reservation, a confirmation is received by e-mail.

          The administration part    
      enables the administrators of the tourist objects to administer the database on-line. They can include a new object and information about it; to create WEB - pages, watch the condition of the reservations as well as to add new resources into the existing objects. The system manages the reservations and the queries about the included resources automatically.

          Prices are as follows:    
    2. 200 leva (=200 DEM) for 10MB information - for participation in the information part for 1 year
    3. 100 leva (=100 DEM) per year for participation in the reservation part. Since the interest of Bulgarian companies in the system has grown recently, Digital Systems will be pleased to offer Bulgarian travel agents more information about foreign travel agents, hotels, restaurants, bars, places of interest, etc.

      You are more than welcome to join in the system now!

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